Hydrogen storage: a French team wins the 2023 European Inventor Award

INTERVIEW. The team was honored in the “research” category and received the audience award. His incredible innovation allows hydrogen to be stored in the form of solid discs.

A new acoustic material that reduces noise pollution, a molecular catalyst that improves chemical reactions, a system capable of transforming waste into renewable fuel… In Valencia, researchers marched on the stage of the Palacio de las Comunicaciones to receive the various prizes of the European Inventor, awarded by the European Patent Office, in the sectors of industry, research, SMEs and non-EPO countries, on July 4.

But one team stood out from the other 600 applicants by winning both the European Inventor Award in the Research Sector and the People’s Choice Award. And, cocorico, they are French! Patricia de Rango, Daniel Fruchart, Albin Chaise and Nataliya Skryabina, researchers at the CNRS in Grenoble, and Michel Jehan, their industrial partner, have developed a method for storing hydrogen in the form of solid discs, which is safer, more durable and less energy-intensive.

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