Jomi Leman wants to store hydrogen in solid form

The company based in Isère will industrialize the solid form hydrogen storage process developed by a team from the CNRS in Grenoble. She is preparing to raise funds by the end of the year.

It’s a double plebiscite, from the world of innovation and the public. At the beginning of July, a Grenoble CNRS team won the 2023 European Inventor Prize awarded by the European Patent Office in two categories, “Research” and “General public”, for its process for storing hydrogen in the form of solid.

“At the atomic scale, the dihydrogen (H2) molecule takes up space,” recalls Daniel Fruchart, former research director at the Néel Institute of the CNRS in Grenoble, now retired. Hence the use of magnesium, a metal with many interstices, to absorb a lot of hydrogen. » A volume of one cubic meter can thus contain up to 110 kg in solid form, compared to 42 in compressed gas at 700 bars – pressure of hydrogen stations – and 70 in liquid – at cryogenic temperature…

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